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Computed tomography CT of acute diverticulitis of the cecum and ascending colon; Computertomographie bei akuter rechtsseitiger Kolondivertikulitis. Acute diverticulitis of the cecum and ascending colon, also called right-sided diverticulitis, represents a relatively rare disorder in the western hemisphere. Pseudodiverticula and, less frequently, solitary congenital diverticula are regarded as the underlying causes of acute diverticulitis.

We report the helical CT findings in four patients with acute right-sided colonic diverticulitis. The CT was performed with a collimation of 8 mm, a pitch of 1. In two of the four patients, the acute diverticulitis was detected in the cecum and ascending colon, respectively. In two patients, the diagnosis could be confirmed during surgery and subsequent histologic examination of the resected specimen. On the initial CT studies, acute diverticulitis was correctly diagnosed in two patients and suspected in one patient without identifying and inflamed diverticulum.

In one patient, the offending diverticulum in the ascending colon caused an inflammatory pseudotumor at the level of the ileocecal region. This process was initially mistaken as Crohn's disease. The CT diagnosis of a right-sided colonic diverticulitis is based on an inflamed diverticulum in the center of pericolic inflammatory changes and a preserved wall enhancement target sign. Other CT findings, such as fatty pericolic infiltration and colon wall thickening, are rather non-specific Herlve can also be found in a number of different ileocolic disorders, especially in colon cancer.

In selected cases, the diagnosis can only be established by follow up CT after the pericolic infiltration has markedly subsided and an offending diverticulum has emerged. CT findings in acute small bowel diverticulitis; Computertomographie bei akuter Duenndarmdivertikulitis. Small bowel diverticulitis is a rare cause of an acute abdomen. Hrrlev from acquired diverticula of the jejunum, less often of the ileum, or Meckel diverticulum, the symptoms are l?reste, simulating other acute inflammatory disorders, such as appendicitis, cholecystitis or colonic diverticulitis.

The diagnosis of small bowel diverticulitis is solely based on radiologic findings, with computed tomography CT regarded as the method of choice. In recent years, a number of case reports have described the spectrum of the CT features in acute small bowel diverticulitis k?reste its dependence on the severity of the inflammatory process. Typical findings are an inflamed diverticulum, inflammatory mesenteric infiltration, extraluminal gas collection and mural edema of adjacent small bowel loops with resultant separation of bowel loops.

An enterolith is rarely found in an inflamed diverticulum. Complications include abscesses, fistulae, small bowel obstruction and free perforation with peritonitis.

Small bowel diverticulitis can be a diagnostic problem if it involves the terminal ileum or Meckel's diverticulum. For preoperative confirmation of the presumed diagnosis of small bowel diverticulitis on CT, an enteroclysis for acquired diverticula or a technetium scan for Meckel's diverticulum should be performed. We present the CT findings in three patients of acute small Herlwv diverticulitis, two affecting the jejunum and one a Meckel's diverticulum. Ausgehend von den erworbenen Divertikeln des Jejunums, seltener des Ileums, oder von einem Meckel-Divertikel, manifestiert sich die Divertikulitis klinisch durch eine unspezifische Symptomatik, die zuerst an die haeufigeren, akutentzuendlichen Erkrankungen des Abdomens wie z.

Appendizitis, Cholezystitis oder Fibd denken laesst. Die Duenndarmdivertikulitis kann praeoperativ nur durch. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis; Akute disseminierte Enzephalomyelitis. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis ADEM is an acute widespread autoimmune demyelinating condition, which principally affects the white matter of the brain and spinal cord.

It usually follows an infection or vaccination. The typical presentation is that of multifocal neurologic disturbances accompanied by change in mental status. CSF analysis reveals lymphocytic pleocytosis and elevated protein content, but may also yield normal results. MRI is regarded as the diagnostic imaging modality of choice and kontakte Leverkusen Kostenlose demonstrates involvement of deep cerebral hemispheric and subcortical white matter as well as lesions in the basal ganglia, gray-white junction, diencephalon, brainstem, cerebellum and spinal cord.

Ueblicherweise tritt sie nach einer Infektion oder Impfung k?reste. Lymphozytaere Pleozytose und Eiweisserhoehung sind typische Befunde in der Liquoruntersuchung. Sie koennen in den Gross- und Kleinhirnhemisphaeren, im Hirnstamm und im Rueckenmark lokalisiert sein. Die subkortikale und die zentrale weisse Substanz sind am haeufigsten befallen. Weniger haeufig ist die graue Substanz der Thalami und der Basalganglien betroffen. Directory of Open Access K?teste Sweden.

Pasien mengalamihenti jantung dan udem paru akut yang merupakan gagal jantung akut. Pasien memerlukanpenatalaksanaan multidisiplin dan intensif. Pada pasien diberikan dukungan ventilasi mekanik dengan tekanan positifyaitu CPAP untuk mengurangi mortalitas edema paru.

Selain itu diperlukan pemantauan ketat hemodinamik danasupan nutrisi pada pasien. Selain masalah jantung dan paru, pada pasien juga terjadi penurunan kesadaran setalahhenti jantung. Gangguan pada sistem saraf pusat merupakan penyebab kematian yang cukup tinggi pada pasien yangselamat dari henti jantung dan resusitasi.

Berdasarkan hal itu, perlu dilakukan resusitasi kardioserebral pada pasiendengan henti jantung. Perbedaan utama dengan resusitasi jantung paru adalah pentingnya manajemen j alan nafasyang lebih lengkap dengan ventilasi mekanik. The patient had a cardiac arrest and acutepulmonary edema is acute heart failure. Cardiac arrest in this patient initiated by malignant arrhythmias caused by lackof oxygen to the heart muscle.

Patients require multidisciplinary and intensive management. In patients receivedmechanical ventilatory support with positive pressure that CPAP k?redte reduce Find mortality of pulmonary edema. A plant for the separation of aerosols, krypton and tritium AKUT used for purifying the head end Herlev the reprocessing of thorium-containing fuel elements from combustion waste gases is described.

Data are to be collected to enable a process engineer to plan and construct a large-scale plant, and the correctness and practicability of the concept adopted is to be proved in conjunction with the JUPITER plant. It is true that the tests on the AKUT Herlev plant confirmed that the flow scheme was basically correct, but the actual experimental operation was considerably limited by a fixed and rigid coupling to the combustion furnace.

Some operational conditions were encountered which did not meet the design values. Part of the plant krypton separation is being tested von hier genommen the USA.

The German concept was taken over in the early stages of tests and adapted to existing apparatuses, the result inevitably being different experimental conditions.

The AKUT Herlef plant can now be used for consideration of the economic and safety conditions, and comparisons can be made.

Pada beberapa Fin terakhir, telah terjadi pergeseran paradigma dalam penanganan balita malnutrisi, yang sebelumnya berbasis pendekatan fasilitas kesehatan bergeser menjadi pendekatan berbasis komunitas.

Tujuan penelitian ini durch diesen Link untuk menganalisis pengaruh program home care terhadap peningkatan status gizi balita malnutrisi pada anak usia bulan.

Penelitian menggunakan desain k?reste eksperimen dengan pretest dan posttest control group melalui tiga tahap pendampingan yaitu intensif, mandiri, dan penguatan dengan pendekatan asuhan keperawatan. Sampel adalah 56 balita malnutrisi akut di dua wilayah, yaitu Hsrlev balita di Kota Yogyakarta eksperimen dan 23 balita di Kabupaten Sleman kontrol dengan teknik pengambilan sampel yaitu purposive sampling.

Intervensi home care diberikan selama tiga 3 bulan Januari sampai Maret Ek olarak porfirine spesifik testler pozitif bulundu. Lesen Sie voll aspects of acute inflammatory diseases of the brain; Klinisch-neurologische Aspekte akut -entzuendlicher Hirnerkrankungen.

Despite the progress, which has been made in diagnosis and Find of encephalitis and bacterial meningitis, these acute inflammatory diseases of the brain still display a certain amount of morbidity and mortality.

History, physical examination, analysis of serum and cerebrospinal fluid and radiological examination are the mainstay for the diagnosis of these diseases. With respect to the acute inflammatory diseases of the brain computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging fulfil three purposes: They can be used to clarify the diagnosis and to rule out other diseases. They can identify the focus from which a bacterial meningitis can evolve.

Complications like edema, k?feste vasculitis, septic sinus thrombosis, hydrocephalus or abscess can be visualized. If the diagnosis is made early, the possible complications Herlev recognized in good time and the appropriate therapy is started immediately, then morbidity and mortality can be kept at a minimum.

Die Anamnese, die koerperliche Untersuchung, die laborchemische Diagnostik k??reste Blut und Liquor und die Bildgebung sind k?reste wesentlichen Saeulen Herelv der Diagnostik akut -entzuendlicher Hirnerkrankungen. Die Bildgebung, die mittels Computertomographie bzw. Kernspintomographie erfolgt, hat in diesem Zusammenhang Herlev Aufgaben: Sie kann dazu beitragen, die Diagnose zu sichern bzw.

Sie kann bei der bakteriellen Meningitis entzuendliche Foci im Bereich der Nasennebenhoehlen, des Mastoids oder des Mittelohrs erkennen, die sofort operativ saniert werden muessen.

Komplikationen akut -entzuendlicher Hirnerkrankungen koennen bei entsprechendem klinischem Verdacht mittels Bildgebung. Acute chest pain represents a very common clinical occurrence and at the same time k?reete a severe diagnostic dilemma. It can be due to an acute life-threatening event such as acute cardiac infarct, or a relatively harmless condition of pain and illness e.

This often unclear symptomatic, behind which there can always be a life-threatening disease leads to an exaggerated grouping of patients into emergency cases and to an increased number of inpatients for observation.

The diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome with no initial ECG changes typical for ischemia is especially problematic. The availability of modern multidetector computed tomography is becoming increasingly more important for radiologists in the diagnosis and clarification of acute chest pain. In this article the k?teste difficulties and radiology options for the diagnosis of patients with acute chest pain will be presented and possible future algorithms for diagnosis will be discussed.

Diese oft nicht eindeutige Symptomatik, hinter Fihd immer auch ein lebensbedrohliches Krankheitsbild stecken kann, fuehrt zu einer Uebertriagierung der Patienten Finr Notaufnahmen und zu einer grossen Anzahl an stationaeren 'Absicherungsaufnahmen'. Full Text Available Latar belakang: Terapi radiasi merupakan metode primer perawatan pasien kanker leher dan kepala. Perubahan funsional dan kerusakan jaringan oral menyebabkan timbulnya mukositia oral yang diikuti Find kandidiasis oral.

Melaporkan efek samping perawatan khemoterapi dan radioterapi pada pasien kanker nasofaring yang terjadi di rongga mulut berupa kandidiasis pseudomembran akut dan mukositis oral serta penatalaksanaannya. Sardjito, atas rujukan dari instalasi Penyakit Dalam. Sardjito, dengan keluhan sakit untuk menelan makanan dan mulutnya banyak bercak-bercak putih. Keluhan dirasakan satu minggu setelah dilakukan khemoterapi ke-3 dan radioterapi ke Pemeriksaan klinik menunjukkan adanya lapisan Find pada mukosa lidah, pipi, palatum, dan mukosa bibir.

Seluruh mukosa mulut berwarna merah tua dan terdapat anguler cheilitis di kedua sudut bibir. Pasien diklasifikasikan menderita mukositis oral derajat 1. Saat reevaluasi, pasien sudah dapat menelan dan makan yang sedikit keras tanpa ada rasa sakit lagi. Pemeriksaan klinis didapatkan bercak putih di lidah, palatum, pipi dan bibir sudah tidak ada. Warna mukosa oral telah normal, OHI dan kondisi umum baik dalam 1 minggu pasca perawatan.

Perawatan kandidiasis dan mukositis oral akibat kemoradioterapi pada pasien kanker nasofaring telah berhasil dan kondisi oral membaik.

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